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The wind of the Spirit


How mighty is that Wind of the Spirit - it goes where the Father sends it!
It goes on behalf of God's Children. It is given as a sign His love and
faithfulness. It truly is amazing, this love the Father has for His own.

The Spirit testifies to us of His love and care for us. It makes us whole
and new inside each day. He gives us this help, this "grace from on high"
to bless and keep us in His ways.

He tempts us not, but tests our will to see what choices we will make.
Will we choose righteousness or abandon it for some other thing?
Will we go our own way or choose His way?

The Spirit guides us daily, even moment to moment, but ultimately what
we do is our choice! When we act according to His will and His ways,
then we reap a bountiful harvest.

Let the Wind of My Spirit blow into your spirit-man and daily renew your
mind. Cooperate with My Spirit. Do not fight it or ignore it..."Be ye perfect,
even as the Heavenly Father is perfect". This is only possible by allowing
My Spirit to lead you, indwell you and empower you. Come!

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©2004 Connie Savageau

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