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Properly done, God will keep you!


Properly done - What does that mean in My Kingdom? You must
trust Me. You must believe that I will keep you - that I am able to
do this very thing.

Quietly you cry out to Me, but secretly you doubt Me. Each time this
happens, call out My Name. Take your mind and turn it towards Me
as an act of your will. Tell yourself the Truth - that I reign in you.
"Jesus is My Savior, My Deliverer, My Truth. He has conquered all
and brings me victory! I am more than a conqueror through Him. I
choose Life. The abundant life of walking and abiding in Him."

Each day will become easier when you do this and practice it faithfully.
Do it out of love for Me. Do it because you trust that My care and
provision will see you through any difficulty.

I am the Lover of your Soul - Am I not? Then, give "all to Me', your
Lord, Savior and Best Friend. You make My Heart sing when you do!

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©2004 Connie Savageau

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