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Truly said-you need God now more than ever


The time for fighting Me is over, says the Lord. Come readily to Me,
speedily to Me. Come with your whole heart and mind and spirit.

You are not to come with apprehension or fear, but grace and hope.
You need Me now more than ever for the days ahead will be difficult.
The days ahead will not have the power to defeat you - you will have
the power from Me to defeat your adversaries.

I am at the door. I am seeking your attention. I am constantly there for
you - Seek Me, Seek Me, Seek Me, for I desire to know you. I desire to
have you know Me. I desire to have you to be victorious through Me,
your Savior and God.

Come, yes, come and we will prevail together. Bring all to Me and you
will never be ashamed.

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©2004 Connie Savageau

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