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Honor God with your whole heart


Honor Me with your whole heart and lean not unto your own
understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Me and I shall
direct you path.

Please remember that I gave My Life for you. I gave you the
keys to My Kingdom when I defeated the enemy of your soul,
Satan himself.

If you honor Me and honor My Ways, then you can implement
the power of My Name and the authority of My Precious shed
Blood. If you faint not, I will come and not only restore you,
but many.

Honor Me with your tithes and offerings, yes, but more so, honor
Me with your whole heart so that I can bring the Kingdom of My
Father through you and all who follow Him.

Allow yourselves to be My Instrument - to be My Hands and Feet
and pour through you My Spirit. I cannot bear to tell you of all that
is coming, but I do tell you that it should not come night you or My

Fear not. Fear not, My Child, for I am with you and hear your prayers.
Allow Me to flow through you and be a cleansing stone for My Body.

Do as I command! Let Me use you to pray through and bring life
through you to many. I am anxious to begin a new work in and
through you.

Wait on Me. Encourage many to do the same. This word is for all....

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©2004 Connie Savageau

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