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The Adoration of God

The delivery of the Father's love

If we want to be mighty in The Father's Kingdom

Let bygones be bygones

God's peace is for His children

The wind of the Spirit

Today is God's

Time to enter into God's Presence

Something beautiful, something good!

Righteousness in God!

Rejoice in God and be exceedinly glad!

Rejoice at this wonderful gift!

Properly done, God will keep you!

Perfection in God, My children

God's righteousness given brings life!

Magnificent , that's you, Oh Lord!

Loving God-your highest calling

Listen and learn what the Spirit is saying to you

Dear Jesus, I love you!

Dear friends, dear children

Come to God, His children

Dear ones of God's

The finality of the times - governed by hand of mercy

Truly said-you need God now more than ever

God is able-more than able!

Come unto God for your bread

Coming into God's presence

To be near God is life itself!

Tell God the truth

Mayday...seek God!

Justification through God's Son

I need you Lord!

God is more than magic!

Here I am, Lord!

Honor God with your whole heart

In Prayer, direct God there

Dear friends, dear children

Be watchful-the enemy knows your weaknesses!