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If we want to be mighty in The Father's Kingdom


Mightiness can be seen in something as simple as a flower opening up its blossom for all to see; or it can be as powerful as a bomb exploding into trillions of tiny pieces.

When we are walking with The Heavenly Father, the power and mightiness we will have against our foe, Satan, and his evil schemes, is matchless!
Remember that to call on The Heavenly Father for all things - to trust Him in all things, is not a weakness but strength!
When we begin to call on the Name, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, then the power of that union will bring us into the fullness of the power which is in The Father.

If we want to be mighty in the Father's Kingdom, then let us call upon Him for all our needs. Let us depend on Him like a child who depends on his loving parent. Trusting in The Father will bring to us an abundant life - of abundantly living with Him!

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©2004 Connie Savageau

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