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Righteousness in God!


You gain Righteousness in Me when you come into My Presence for
all. Imagine it, a life so filled with My Love that it is overflowing! A
life so filled with My Love, My Truth, My Grace that it flows out of
you uninterrupted by the things of this world!

Desire this kind of life with Me. Yearn for it. Tell Me of your longing
to walk with Me this way and it will be yours. Like the song says, "My
hope is found on nothing less than Jesus love and righteousness." Rejoice
in this, Rejoice to have this relationship with Me. It brings you into My
Presence and the abundant life you seek.

You will be used to touch many people. Great will be your reward for
doing so. I bid you to come and taste of Me and live for Me!

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©2004 Connie Savageau

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