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Come to Me, My children


Come to Me, My Children, do not delay, Do not fret or be
dismayed. The day is coming of victory to those who come
Me now and do not do their own thing!

Do you see it! I do a new thing! Rejoice because you are
Mine. The days at times seem long and hard - that is because
you have not come as you should. Please come when I call
you. Please answer Me when I beckon to your spirit-man to
fellowship with Me. The time is now to offer yourselves to
Me as a "living sacrifice" as never before.

I am doing a new thing on the earth in My People, My Children.
I am allowing you to be a part of this work, but you must desire
to have Me show you the way.

Let Me flow in and through you and you will accomplish this
work, by My Spirit, for all to see!

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©2004 Connie Savageau

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