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Dear ones of God's


You are thoughtful and wise to come to Me today for I shall fill
you afresh with Myself - Your font shall overflow!

Bring Me your cares and your problems and expect Me - Expect
Me - Anticipate Me resolving them.

You give good gifts to your children. Why not I? You give now
unto Me all that hinders you and frustrates you. Bring it and lay
it at My feet. Be confident that I will take it from you and you
will be free. Be free - Choose to be free!

Give your heart, mind and spirit to Me and I will release your burdens
and lighten your heart. "I am the Deliver of My People - I am their
Rock and Shield of Armor" - No one shall harm you when you are
abiding in Me.

No warhorse or earthly person or ally can protect you as I can. I am
standing against all that is against you. Believe it and see that it is true.

Trust in Me.

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©2004 Connie Savageau

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