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The finality of the times - governed by hand of mercy


The finality of the times is not measured in earth time. The finality of
the times are governed by My Hand of Mercy. Mercy is meted out as
you proceed in faith and reverence to Me as your only source of help
and supply.

This was so in Abraham's day and so it is in yours. Christ, My Son, is
not your maker - I am, the Heavenly Father - He is My Instrument. My
Executor and Right Hand.

You also are My Children, you must act accordingly. Give all to Me and
My Son will execute My Will through you.

My Spirit will lead you and guide you daily because you are Mine. When
you fall, He will immediately pick you up, cover you with My Love and
Mercy and bring you a repentant heart that sorrows over sin. Then,
embrace Me once again...

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©2004 Connie Savageau

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