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Come unto God for your bread


Come unto Me for your bread. If you ask me to feed you, I will do it
If you ask Me for rain, I will send it. If you seek Me for My Will, then
I can send My Holy Spirit to reign in your hearts. If you cry out to Me
for righteousness than I can bring Revival.

For My Holiness is established by My Children longing after Me and
seeking My Will above their own.

I long to bring refreshment to the souls of My Children and the world
alike. To accomplish this, I must have your heart! I must be able to
live inside of you and be "Lord of your Lives".

Once done, I can than begin to pour out My Spirit from within you and
My other children to bring this about.

Let us reason together - if you are not with Me in spirit, you are against
Me. Ask Peter when he denied Me if this is not so!

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©2004 Connie Savageau

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