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Coming into God's presence


When you come into My Presence, it tells Me that you love Me!
When you come into My Presence, it is like a well spring - the well
of your being swells up with the water of My Spirit and you partake
of it.

It gives life and refreshment. It heals your very bones. It makes you
like Me. It makes you one in spirit with your Maker and God, your
Father and His Son, Jesus!

What more could you ever ask for or need. You have Me and I have
you. My Children, be content to fellowship with Me and surrender
your will to Me. I have all that you will ever need. I have more than
enough to sustain you.

If you cry out to Me with all your heart and lean not to your own
understanding, then I shall honor you with a long and a good life.
You give your children, loved ones and all to Me and I will deliver

I cannot and will not do this until you ask and seek me alone for the

You come to Me daily for your manna, your daily bread - no matter
what! Do not delay and do not be afraid for I receive My Children
with open, loving arms.

Fear not. Come!

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©2004 Connie Savageau

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