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Mayday...seek God!


Mayday is a cry for help! It is a universal word that brings
instant action to those who hear it. Once responded to, all
available resources are employed. All the focus is centered
on the one in distress. Help begins to come from all directions
and soon calm and order are restored! The situation is no
longer serious.

Man's ways are a lot like this. They call for help and many come
running. If I am your God, do not do as man does. Do not call
for help from men or money. I am a jealous God and I do not
appreciate My Lambs, My Innocent Ones, to be pressed upon
by earthly gains.

I am indeed a Righteous God who cares for you without measure
or restraint. I give to My Children who seek Me. If you seek Me
not and look to man and mammon, you will die.

No mayday or cry for help will ever to able to deliver you like My
Saving Grace. It is power personified. I am your strength and sword
in time of trouble and in the days of calm.

I am there for My Children - waiting for their heart-cry, waiting to
comfort and encourage them.

My Love is not set on a thermometer. There is no gauge that sets a
limit. "Oh test Me, Oh taste of Me, eat of My Blessings and look not
to others. I am faithful. Believe!

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©2004 Connie Savageau

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