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Be watchful-the enemy knows your weaknesses!


Be watchful, for the enemy of your soul knows your weaknesses. It is
necessary then that you get alone with Me and move in the spirit realm.

Try this. First, put out all your cares before Me. I will take them one
by one and put them in their right places. I will answer your questions
only when you have surrendered your will to Me. Do this by showing
Me your arms outstretched to Me and seeking My In-filling Grace to
replace your own.

It sounds corny, but it works as a catalyst against the carnal man to resist
My Power working in you. The carnal man does not want Me to be on
the throne of your life or the center of your heart. My Ways are not his
ways, so to speak.

It is easy to say that we desire Gods Will, but in seeking to do it requires
a battle to take place. The battle is within and it takes a yielded person
in Me to succeed in it.

The truth of the matter is that you will not give in to Me unless you go
through it. Many come to Me as a curiosity and go away empty-handed
and discouraged. They did not come truly seeking Me or My Holiness,
but only a way out of their present situation - much like someone who
tries a new prescription or drug to take.

The secret is, you must come seeking Me with all your heart, mind and
soul. I am longing to give each of you My Kingdom, My Son, My Love,
but do not come with a heart that is hardened and unyielding to My Tug,
My Call on your life.

It would be a grave mistake to think that I do not love you or long after
you greatly. But, if you do not give Me your life - I mean everything you
are - then how can I be "Lord of your Life and Redeemer of your Days"!

You be the watchdog of your days. When you see the enemy tempting or
murmuring round you, then rise up and do battle NOW - NOT LATER!

Do what is necessary to maintain your relationship with Me and you will
be an overcoming power, yielded and guided by the Father above!

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©2004 Connie Savageau

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